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Absolutely Clear (ft Jeris & Goldfish)

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Absolutely Clear. I was inpsired by the title of this deeply groovin’ blues track put together by Jeris featuring Goldfish’s burning guitar. It is pretty apt for some things that have been on my mind lately (i.e., seeing things for how they really are versus how I wish they were). I wrote and recorded the lyric/vocals pretty quickly so that Jeris would have it for the secret mixter but I wasn’t completely happy with my performance so I re-did it. I realized I am very rarely satisfied with my own work — which is to say, I wouldn’t be surprised after a day or two I want to re-do it again — especially in light of the fact that this is a fairly heavy traditional blues jam and I am still trying to figure out how my particular voice fits in such a setting. (still just growing up in public… ) But at some point I have to stop the re-do in order to have time for a new-do.

Anyway — thanks Goldfish and Jeris for providing the inspiration.

Dry vocal stems uploaded herein.


Let me tell you darlin’
there’s not much that I really know
but it’s true — it’s absolutely clear
you’re in my heart and you’ll always have a home

You can muddy the waters with your aspirations
I can cloud up the air with all of my fears
As we dance around our expectations
it’s clear — absolutely clear

Clear as day
Clear as a mirror
Absolutely clear

You’ve turned your head
You’ve moved far away
I’m listening now though I don’t want to hear
but it’s clear - absolutely clear

Clear as day
Clear as a mirror
Absolutely clear

(there’s not much that I really know)

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  • /HARMONY MID.mp3 (6.82MB)

"Absolutely Clear (ft Jeris & Goldfish)"
by SackJo22

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