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Der Weaner geht ned unter

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Wienerlied from the 19th Century.

A Viennese does not drown.

Always funny, pretty and well, the Vienna can not feel anything.
Is the world tomorrow under such a thing can not embarrass us.
What are we going to Vienna and with humor so beautiful together afterwards,
we have other rather cry because we are not used to.

always fun pretty and well, whistle …
For the Wiener goes under, whistle …

If we sometimes annoys some, there is an end and it is good.
With a glass of wine will quickly cures
So it makes a real Wiener Blut.
Do not be shy and no boredom
Have no confidence that we do not know.
Something not occur to us in his sleep, his sad that there is not.

Always funny pretty and well, whistle …
For the Wiener goes under, whistle …

P.s.:Martijn i used your Bass for accent.
I dont no how to upload a own sample…

"Der Weaner geht ned unter"
by reiswerk

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