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The Capitol Boy

uploaded: Fri, Nov 27, 2020 @ 4:37 AM
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I caught the end of a news item where a distraught woman was explaining to the reporter how her holiday plans were in ruins as a result of a change in Covid restrictions. The next news item saw an immigrant who had braved the crossing from France to the UK in a small rubber dingy being interviewed. The reporter asked where he intended to go. He replied, “To the capitol, yes to the capitol I go.” Alas it was not to the capitol he went but to a detention centre to join the other 4000 who have crossed the seas this year in boats that barely float to get a taste of our western lives.

Maybe one day he will have the chance to take safer holidays

Many thanks to Javolenus for once more supplying the guitars

I’m a little bit of something from a distant time
From a molecule of dust came this life of mine
Tearing down a vision I began to grow
Everybody’s waiting for my faults to show

But I’m tethered and torn like a man in a storm
Starting on a journey to be reborn
Waving to the people who are sitting on the beach
Everybody’s crying but it’s just relief

So sad so utterly mad
Risking everything for a new start
On the crest of a wave I arrived today
You can recognise me by my wet clothes

"The Capitol Boy"
by Radioontheshelf

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