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Brick Lane E1 6QL

uploaded: Mon, Oct 19, 2020 @ 1:38 PM
FeaturingStefan & The Admiral
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Brick Lane in the East End of London is near to where Jack The Rippers first victim was found. Now the only victim is the street itself. Almost shut down by the Covid virus barely keeping itself going it is a stark reminder of what my lovely city has become.

Stefans guitars provided the impetus for the music and words and The Admirals great guitar reminds me of how I wished I had practised more

In the temples all the sinners seek forgiveness
In the incense they believe it could be theirs
And hopes are placed on platters with an offering
Words spoken to lift off the peoples cares

Outside the hurly burly speeds arounds us
The gifted take the jewels and leave the dross
On Market street they’re selling cheap bananas
But only cause they’re ready to go off

Stanley Spencer figures hug the air around them
Hoping someone has an answer to their pain
They are looking to the east for some new saviour
And it’s quiet here on old Brick Lane

Janis Joplin music plays for Leonard Cohen
I’m trying hard to pick the words out in the song
I would not be afraid to go and ask her
But like Leonard poor old Janis is long gone

There’s still a place to eat but keep your distance
And strangers can’t be taken at their word
Don’t touch if you’re not sure what you are taking
As you walk amongst the Covid raconteurs

The Sally girl still smiles and offers warm words
Her friend the Dali Lama beams his smile
And Hare says that it’s all down to karma
But Carmen never was a friend of mine

Truth and justice always find it hard to mingle
Pain and suffering never seem to go away
I never thought I’d live to see such heartache
As I stumble through this modern day black plague

The pretty girl I met who tried to sell me pigs feet
Has put away her stall and gone back home
I guess I’ll do the same and take the fast train
Back to the new life that has left me more alone

"Brick Lane E1 6QL"
by Radioontheshelf

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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