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Sennen Cove

uploaded: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 @ 1:34 AM
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A simple Cornish love song

Thanks again to Unreal Dm

On Saturday I took the bus to Sennen cove where there I trusted I would meet the girl from Geralds house
She was flawless in her blue dress sea shells hanging round her smooth neck
I was smitten puppy eyed and warm
And Gerald poured us Cornish mead warning us we must proceed with caution as the wine could take its toll
But we were dewey eyed and sloppy on the verge of getting stroppy so Gerald left us alone

And she told me about her friendships built on sands that soon had melted washed away and taken out to sea

I had tasted bitter fruits broken hearts and mispent youth loved and lost and travelled far from home
To forget the scratched emotions I gave her a little token of the love I thought I had recieved
But she was frightened by the offer said she did not look for favour all she wanted was to shoot the breeze
So I left before the sunrise caught a bus back to my old life bruised a little but thats alright
Sadder more confused

And there’s a lesson to be learned girl meets boy boy loses girl felt throughout the whole wide world
But it does not ease the pain.

"Sennen Cove"
by Radioontheshelf

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