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Victoria's Secrets

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My mother worked as a nurse in a phsyciatric hospital during the 1980’s. It was still a time when the patients were drugged up to the eyeballs to keep them quiet. On one occasion when I went to pick her up from work she was late leaving and I was directed down a hall to a ward to find her. It was a soboring feeling to be surrounded by people existing in a semi comotosed cacoon. My mother would tell me how many had been there since childhood and now were just forgotten people

I came to Sascha Ende’s beautiful piano by way of Admiral Bob’s great guitar addition to the original

Victoria’s walking down the hall today
She’s wearing her blue dress I thought they took it away
She’s singing softly the words are hard to hear
But it doesn’t matter her meaning is still clear

The doors are stubborn the locks won’t turn
The world outside is waiting for her return
She’d love to join them in the market by the lake
But not today not tomorrow they’ll just have to wait

There’s got to be some good love
Some love that can be tamed
And made into an hour glass
To get her life reclaimed
There’s got to be some real love
A love that can endure
For time is swiftly passing
While she’s waiting by the door

And she hears the silence as she folds into a dream
There’s noone calling to see her nothing is as it seems
All her family have perished in embarrassment and pain
No point in visiting this girl in the shell to which shes chained

Victoria’s walking down the hall today
She’s wearing her blue dress but now the colours grey
But nothing stops her singing she’s singing night and day
And nothing really matters to the girl whose gone away

"Victoria's Secrets"
by Radioontheshelf

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