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The Thought Of The Absence

uploaded: Thu, Apr 4, 2019 @ 3:35 AM
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It is amazing that we humans can betray our principles at the drop of a hat.
Of course it is just about survival

Hold on Jeremy the hooks are out about to strike
Keep the faith feel the empathy don’t get tempted by the right
Sure feels good to be wanted sure is nice to feel their pain
But there are bear traps in the city and many will complain

She’s a smart girl from a grammar school Holton Park a stately place
And even though you can match that it might still be a one horse race
So sing for Britain and the masses who are helpless even though they made their choice
I am hoping for conclusion I want to hear the clear voice

Shabby Gove and Mr Johnston are shining up the common words
They want her parlour but not her cabinet and a few who they can trust to be absurd
Simple minds seem to be required to hold a higher place
A lack of common sense is wanted and the gift to be two faced

So hold on Jeremy inspect the gifts they give to you
The whine is from a poisoned chalice the bread is mouldy and confused
This is not that St Theresa just an imposter in strange robes
And beware of Mr Watson he’s a wolf in sheeps clothes

"The Thought Of The Absence"
by Radioontheshelf

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