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Song For Jurgen

uploaded: Sun, Jan 20, 2019 @ 4:43 AM
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Great leaders are born not made. Yes events will produce the circumstances in which they prevail but it is that extra something they have in their soul that takes them to greater things. Jurgen Klopp is a fine example of this. He took his magic and dusted it over Liverpool football club and the results are plain to see.

Other football clubs are available. But who cares!

I hope that one day I can wake a prince and not this reprobate
The man who rails against his fate and promises you love
I want to feel carefree and high from all the lows that I despise
You are the way to get me by you are my freedom dove

And if you were to come with me with all your heartfelt honesty
I’d buy the tickets immediatley to take us to the Cop
We’d dress in red and wear the scarves and shout support in both the halves
I’d buy you a pie you would not starve I’d treat you swell my love

Ooh I want to smile like Jurgen Klopp
Show my heart can’t wait to start
Beaming like a fool but still so cool
Ooh I want to smile like Jurgen Klopp
Arms outstretched ready to direct
Full of belief in the winning streak

Other managers will quake as they await to meet their fate
Doesn’t matter if its home or away the results just the same
The boys in red propelled by Klopp will rule the day there’s no let off
Opposition teams are bound to flop the scoreline will not be erased

Others came to ply their trade with tactics honed in better days
But something stalled they’d always fail they couldn’t make it work
But Jurgen brought the magic touch I do believe that it was love
For love can conquer all and thus provide the winning way

Ooh I want to smile etc

Now if you think your days are done the future spoiled all clouds no sun
Then look at what Jurgen has done to chase the clouds away
He brought the pride to scousers streets made men of boys full of belief
That they could run without defeat to raise the cup up high

And so the history books will tell that fine made plans can work as well
But to be great you need a man who has the special touch
And Jurgen came to show the world that once he had his tricks unfurled
He’d sail onwards he’d not be turned he’d always win the day

"Song For Jurgen"
by Radioontheshelf

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