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uploaded: Fri, Dec 14, 2018 @ 12:55 AM
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Some men are content to bathe in the steady glow of the woman they live with while others are always
searching for that elusive butterfly. But there are times when the butterfly is not enough and bags are packed and the humbled wanderer wends his way back home.

I’m leaving one place for another travelling down through Greenwich park
Remembering how we stood for hours waiting for fireworks in the dark
And you had red hair and a blue dress with shoes that glittered when you walked
We knew that what we had was special we did not need to talk
We had glided over each others bodies sailed our skin until we slept
Dreamt of being here forever you gave me a silver dollar I’ve always kept

In the poems we searched for meanings to give us answers and take us down the path
I preferred Ted Hughes And Dylan Thomas for you it was always Sylvia Plath
But deep inside the flaws were tearing the blanket of love upon our bed
And though we tried so hard to stop it we were washed away by the very words we said

I’m going home to Sharon we always knew I would
Yes I’m going home to Sharon I think we understood
We had our times in Boston we played the sweetest of the parts
But I never promised you a future it was alway gonna be broken hearts

Now I’m going home to Sharon I hope shes there for me
I am wounded scarred and battered almost crawling on my knees
And you are bathed in sad reflections that are shielded by your hand
You were always stronger than me girl you always had your plans

by Radioontheshelf

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