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Where It All Started

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Simplified musical tribute

Its 1954 I’m just a fly on the wall
Johnny cash is telling Sam the boys on form
And Jerry made a face he didn’t try to hide
Roy Orbison was number one and he hadn’t even cried

The boy had come to Sams with a beat up guitar
To record a song My Happiness for his Ma
But Sam was seeing something he’d never seen before
So he asked him to come back some time to record

Sam got Scotty Moore Bill Black and DJ
To make a backing band to help the kid on his way
And in 1955 Tom Parker would tell
Of an RCA contract and a Heartbreak hotel

Soon there were films and hit after hit
The kid was flying high everything seemed to fit
The world was his oyster everyone a pearl
Admired by the boys loved by the girls

The years took there toll but the hits still came
The boy got fatter but the magic remained
Toof built a house and named it after Grace
Years later the boy made it into his place

The boy fuelled his body with prescribed drugs
Took far too many just couldn’t stop
Married divorced started acting strange
Then in 77 everything changed

"Where It All Started"
by Radioontheshelf

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