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But Some Things Stay The Same

uploaded: Thu, Sep 13, 2018 @ 4:05 AM
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As a great lover of history the old adage that it will teach us everything is true. We think we create originality but we just keep repeating the same old mistakes.

Wonderful work here by Teru and the boys from 2005

She had me lay down on a concrete floor
Surrounded by 12 candles made by Cire Trudon
And when the scented air had enriched our hearts
She let me know the power of hope gone wrong

I will leave a calling card next time I arrive
You can keep it in your favourite place
And if you are of a mind you can take it out
And ring the number asking for a date

I won’t bring roses or chocolates in a box
I’ll only bring a token of my thoughts
It’ll be a caterpillar from my caterpillar farm
You can keep it for free of course

And if I’m ever gonna go and fall in love
I’m gonna do it in a different way
No sexy ladies in little sexy clothes
Just someone who will promise to behave

And it never really matters how you dress or smell
Everything’s just part of the game
For it never really matters how hard you try
Somethings always stay the same
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"But Some Things Stay The Same"
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