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Dark Tonez

uploaded: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 @ 10:47 AM
byCoram Deo Productions
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I’m a filmmaker with a passion for music, however I know nothing, well very little of composing music. however I did make this one day, experimenting with an app. And I saw potential is setting a dark tone for a movie opening sequence,closing etc. However, the rest of you are free to create what ever is that you desire, wether a pop or hip hop mix. its up to you. but if anyone would like to take the challenge of making it into a movie score big plus.

I’m currently producing a small short movie and I wanted to make this into a longer and well mix track, however I have other things like improving in Directing, Producing, Cinematography, editing, Lighting, photography as a hobby and graphics/effects to be concentrating in improving in music composition, which I promise I will learn one day :). So feel free to make a movie score soundtrack of the next drum and bass etc :)

here is the concept of the short movie Im working on for inspirational proposes if choose to:

Sarah Michele Moore is in the caring hands of Dr. Matthews. Dr. Matthews is closely investigating the case of Sarah. She appears to have develop a rare case of Capgras Syndrome. The patient seems to have lost the ability to not only not able to recognize herself in a picture, or even in the reflection of large mirror. The patient has also developed what is common in the Capgras syndrome is that the patient can swear that the people she loves around her have been replaced by an exact duplicate, and in this case yet very rare the replacement is her, an exact duplicate who is out to take her husband from her. Sarah’s husband Simon Moore, was the one who seek help that ultimately led them in my care. Her husband has endured this for quiet some time. He even blocked off any reflections inside the house from preventing self-injuries on Sarah. Whats also awkward about the case besides the syndrome itself, is that she is able to look at herself in the reflection of her make up mirror or any small mirror at that. Dr. Matthews starts off some test in his lab first to demonstrate the degree of the case. He first starts of with a small mirror in which the patient responds as normal even fixes her hair, but when suddenly replaced with large mirror the patient gives a different response. The patient responses as if she has a personal quarrel with herself upon seeing her reflection. However when asked who she is she response with Sarah Michele Moore, but when ask who is seeing in the mirror the patient is suddenly quiet for the moment. After a minute or less she responds in a low, angry tone, that she is not Sarah Michele Moore. After a few more test the doctor diagnoses her with Charles Bornnet syndrome, and places her in a none mentality insane stage. The patient appears sane for she does her regaler routines on a normal bases, however the syndrome is only in effect upon seeing her self in a portrait, or reflection. The doctor also’s clear as harmless. No need for restrains or holding cells. The doctors finally places her in a last test. The test consist of placing again in a small mirror, and slowly upgrading in small inclements of sizes finally reaching a full size mirror. The patient reacts in a normal tone. This test ultimately proved to cure her case. The mind was tricked to slowly recognize that in fact that the person she sees is herself.

"Dark Tonez"
by Coram Deo Productions

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