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Flip the House Pells

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I thought I was done. Guess not. Whispered, spoken, and shouted versions of one text inspired by a few brief exchanges with Kara.

Raw, untrimmed samples are in the ZIP. Final product is over here.


Flip the House
(cc)BY D A Ayer 2018-09-17

Stand up, America! Move your feet…
It’s time to come out and hit the street.
‘Cause we’ve got the numbers to make the big fix
if we all come together on November sixth…

Let’s flip the House! Yeah…
Flip the House!

The Electoral College has had their fun:
they put a bully in the china shop and gave him a gun
and now he’s makin’ America great again
by clubbing it back into 1910.

And what does the illustrious Congress do?
They’re helpin’ the monster to turn the screw,
crushing life and liberty day by day.
But come this November (we’re) gonna have our say…

Let’s flip the House! Yeah…
The Senate, too!

It’s no longer enough to just rock the boat.
We’ve gotta grab this mutha legislature by the throat;
Show it who’s boss: flip it on its back;
so the power of the People gonna rule this pack!

So y’all stand up and move your feet…
Crash like a wave out into the street
to rock the vote, good women and men,
and at the exit polls shout “Never Again!”

Come on…flip the House! (Over…)
Flip the Senate! (and…)
in 2020… (out…)
Flip the rest! (for good!)

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"Flip the House Pells"
by Mr_Yesterday

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