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Burning Up

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Burning Up
(cc)BY D A Ayer 2017-10-08

My house is burning down [while] my world is burning up.
Each new sorrow that I drown just overflows my empty cup.
I’d be leaving here tomorrow if I had a pair of shoes.
I’d be winning every gamble if the bet was me to lose.

Truth’s fallen out my window. Love followed out door.
The things I used to live for aren’t around here any more.
I’d be searching for an answer if my eyes could stand the light.
I’d be begging for forgiveness if I felt I had the right.

I’ve crawled back from the ledge, but my soul’s still on the roof.
Protesting my own innocence I cannot conjure proof.
I’ll be living for tomorrow if it gets me through today.
I’ll be clinging to my dreams while all my reasons slip away.

My house is burning down. My world is burning up.
Every sorrow that I drown could overflow this empty cup,
I’ll be leaving here tomorrow and I won’t need any shoes,
and I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t make the news.
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"Burning Up"
by Mr_Yesterday

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