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Do You Really Believe?

uploaded: Sun, Apr 30, 2017 @ 6:08 PM last modified: Sun, Apr 30, 2017 @ 6:15 PM  (add)
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Skepticism is fundamental to science. Belief is essential to culture. History is famously written by the victors. Truth is something else entirely. This is just a song.
My self-rebuttal of sorts was posted as Arm in Arm August 2017.
Do You Really Believe?
(cc)BY D A Ayer 2017-04-29

Do you really believe that a candlelight vigil
can save just one child from an enemy mine?
And do you imagine your comfortable protests
will soften the hearts of those holding the line?
They’ve been tempered by honor; they’ve been hardened in battle;
and they have no illusions: they know we’re at war.
When the orders come down they’ll know just what to do.
There’ll be no hesitation. No question “what for?”

This war starts whenever the ones we call leaders
imagine they’re gods and can have what they choose
while their slaves fight each other for crumbs from the table.
Once you’ve taken it all you’ve got so much to lose.
So don’t make the mistake of assuming these people
who are raping our country have a lack of resolve.
Their fortresses stand on a bedrock of cruelty
even eight billion tears can’t begin to dissolve.

There’s no length they won’t go to, no law they won’t alter,
no lie too debased to be spoken as true.
For if absolute power corrupts absolutely
its inheritance hardens the grip of the few.
Now it isn’t the science they plan to demolish:
but the sharing of knowledge that erases their fog.
And it isn’t the arts that they aim to extinguish,
just creation not chained at the throat like a dog.

Now I know you don’t think that nonviolence is easy.
Your convictions are real. Your beliefs are profound.
But I hope you’ll remember the lessons of history
so the world can remember that you stood your ground.
‘Cause a battle is coming, like so many before it:
fought by money and power masquerading as right.
And I’ll stand by you, sister, when the armies come marching
and we’ll shelter the Truth ‘til the dawn’s early light.

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"Do You Really Believe?"
by Mr_Yesterday

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