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Slow blues in F. Dedicated (with apologies and great affection to all the girls I might have had in mind while singing it) to Mose Allison (1927-2016).

Lyrics (cc)BY 2016 D A Ayer:

A life that’s not worth living is the one without regret—
at least, that’s what they tell me, though I haven’t reckoned yet
how I’ll ever quite forgive myself for sitting out the dance:
[‘cause] I never stopped to love you when first I had the chance.

I told you I was taken, that another owned my heart,
and I built a wall between us to be sure we’d grow apart.
With my loyalty and passion I could never reconcile,
that you’d never asked to own me, just to love me for a while.

Now certain things are meant for us—at least I tell myself—
and those that aren’t, I set aside, or leave them on the shelf.
And I truly hope you’re happy with the way you’ve come to be
and that you’d smile if ever you should chance to think of me.

Sometimes at night I wonder if I’ll hear your voice again.
But this world I’ve built revolves around the choices where and when
I’ve stumbled, so I miss you, and our never-was romance.
I’ll be loving you forever though I never took the chance.

Life’s often off the menu, an all or nothing bet.
If you never risk the limit you’ll never know what you might get.
So I’ll never quite forgive myself for sitting out the dance: I should have
bet my life and loved you while I only had the chance.

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