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Hard Wired, Born Blind

uploaded: Sun, Nov 27, 2016 @ 5:30 PM last modified: Sun, Nov 27, 2016 @ 5:48 PM  (add)
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Listening to Kara’s lovely “ Blindly Love”, the Cold War baby part of me felt compelled to answer, “But we do…though maybe not the way you meant and it isn’t always good.”

Second preview and alt format are dry vocals trimmed. Preview (Mix version) is full mix as posted on SoundCloud (with cover photo): STEMs and MIDI are in the zip. Lyrics below for the taking.
Hard Wired, Born Blind

Hard wired…we cling to the things that are most like us. We’re all
hard wired…to push away a stranger with a moue of disgust. We’re all
hard wired…to be deaf to the tongues that we don’t understand,
to eliminate our brothers, make their daughters into mothers
and to bury our flag in their blood-soaked sands. We’re
hard wired!

Hard wired…to hate the ones from the very next patch. You’re all
hard wired…to cheat on anybody wants to limit your catch. You’re all
hard wired…to push the red button and make the first strike,
‘cause the pot and the kettle find it easier to settle
once the other guy’s head is safely stuck on a pike. You’re
hard wired!

Hard wired…to give less to you and take more for me. I’m all
hard wired…to vote for the candidate I think I could be. I’m all
hard wired…to gaze up at the one that strokes my coat,
and to bask in his praise until the end of days
when he readies a razor to slit my throat. I’m
hard wired!

Hard wired…there’s a snake coiled tightly at the base of your brain. He’s
hard wired…to explode into violence at the mere threat of pain. He’s
hard wired…to wait in the darkness for the wheel to turn.
But love will die and empires burn
while he crawls on, until we learn that we’re
hard wired! You’re all
hard wired! I’m all
hard wired! We’re all
hard wired!
Hard wired!
Hard wired!
Hard wired!

…and born blind to it.

Contents of ZIP Archive: STEMs

  • /hardWired_Bass_T01.MID (3.10KB)
  • /hardWired_Guitar_T02.MID (11.14KB)
  • /hardWired_T01_96k-003_Bass.flac (4.49MB)
  • /hardWired_T02_96k-002_Guitar.flac (16.43MB)
  • /hardWired_T02_96k-005_VoxRaw.flac (9.10MB)
  • /hardWired_T03_96k-003_VoxWet.flac (9.44MB)
  • /hardWired_T04_96k-001_VoxDryTrimmed.flac (8.34MB)

"Hard Wired, Born Blind"
by Mr_Yesterday

2016 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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