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Light In A Window

uploaded: Sun, Dec 13, 2020 @ 4:18 AM
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Mix Two of Bangcorrupt was something of an accident.

People, children, adults go missing from our lives for all sorts of reasons, physically or emotionally. 2020 has created a world united in real loss or the potential of it . Whether you are a sceptic or believer of the crisis the world still faces, or get high on the politics of it all, there are the relations of over 1.6 million people who still leave a light on somewhere, whether it’s in a window or in the heart. And that’s just this one virus, so there are more.

This little story played out in my head for a myriad of reasons, reminding me that the innocence of youth will continue to make their mistakes, at the cost of those close to them. It’s not a regret or the want to change, it just is the way it is.

Light In a Window

Down in a town in Mexico
Ten miles from the border
A young senorita waits
She thinks of her lover
Across the town a young Jose
He puts a light in his window
They’ll be gone before the day breaks
They’re heading for El Paso

They’re never going home , They’re never going home, They’re just a Light in a window
They’re Never going home

They’re heading North the sun is up
It burns down like a demon
He holds her hand tight, he leads the way
She can’t describe what she’s feeling
She looks so deeply into his eyes
All she sees is their future
Because she’s finally a woman
He’s finally a man

Chorus, Break, Chorus

They cut across the countryside
Down to the River
Midday they’re going meet their guide
They’re praying he’ll deliver
They see him, but they never see
The gun that he’s hiding
Two shots they hit the ground
Now no ones ever going to find them

Chorus, break

Down in a town in Mexico
Ten miles from the border
A mother cries she sits and waits
She thinks of her daughter
Across the town, not so far away
His father lights a candle
Tries not to cry but his heart breaks
Cause deep inside he truly knows

They’re never coming home
They’re never coming home
Another light in a window
They’re never coming home

LS 2020


"Light In A Window"
by Loveshadow

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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