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simple love

uploaded: Sun, Jul 31, 2022 @ 1:15 AM
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today is the last day of july 2022. i had a hard night. once again i dreamed a lot. i don’t remember anything. except for the hyperrealistic dream in which i’m standing in a white light blue corridor with a gun in my hand. behind me are other people. in front of my eyes are holographic displays in yellow. in front of us someone is advancing. the people behind are retreating. someone says close the gate. i turn around and run to get behind the gate. then an officer or something stands in front of us and says: they are only 18 times weaker than us. and an analysis is running on holograms. then i woke up.

then i made my coffee in the kitchen and with some cigarettes i went to the balcony and the coffee. then i finished the remix from yesterday. wait. i’m re-recording the remix right now. it was making too much noise.

the remix i’m re-recording right now. it’s two samples from kingsway music. one is the orchestra and the other is the beat. i didn’t do much.

and this remix confirms once again my versatility and my adaptability to different music styles.

no, as a south slav who is brown in summer and white in winter, there are no borders in music.:)

today i’m driving with my pony past the european central bank and the world’s largest internet node to my mother. maybe not.

maybe i’ll just enjoy sunday that way.

man, this has turned out well.

even though i’m not technically the best producer, because i let artificial intelligences master and mix everything. but artistically i’m probably the most versatile and best.

and soon the data stream will go through the biggest internet node to california, luxembourg and colombia.

it’s 16:44 pm. that means 16 to five in the afternoon. after the unashamedly singer radio on the shelf has outed himself as a reader of my song descriptions and i have also outed myself as someone who has chosen male singers in higher years of life, who also associate the attribute unashamedly with themselves, as a target group for my performances. and that i like to entertain this target group and this website with my sensitive and shy selfies .

so after i came out of the closet. i still want to try for the admins of this site to get an orderly and stylish song description. i’m taking my cue from an up and coming artist who really excited me with her advertising on tiktok with her sensitive and unpretentious and sincere promotion of her new album. i assume she’ll make the breakthrough and play in small bars soon.

so what did she say exactly:

corona was a hard time. especially for artists who live from the activity with their audience. and i thought now it’s time. time for a new album. my influences? i’m swedish but i moved to new york when i was 16. this dazzling of life full city with all its facets. the different musical currents and especially the most important of the many alternative life models that the inhabitants of this city follow. well, and then i was in the famous studio 378. street, corner 49998. street, seventh block, the jerrys. and as it happened, the atmosphere immediately took me in. such famous people as jack russel, or border collie have worked there. and as it happened, of course they came by when i was working on my album. and you can hear that.

all i can say is that now is the time.

i would like to write and experience something like that. i mean about such inspirations and experiences. but all i have to offer today is the only remaining memory of last night. namely of the hyperrealistic dream in which i was a space marine standing in a light-flooded blue and white corridor retreating from a threatening but hopelessly outnumbered enemy as my officer taught me and the others by means of holographic analysis. luckily i still made it behind the gate, which was then closed.

"simple love"
by Kristian

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