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Well Ain't That Just (ft. Okka!!!)

uploaded: Wed, Apr 22, 2020 @ 11:39 AM last modified: Wed, Apr 22, 2020 @ 11:54 AM  (add)
byJoel Frijters
Featuring0V3RTH1NK, robwalkerpoet
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Hey all you funky cats :)

I heard the great backing track from 0V3RTH1NK and just started singing into the mic! :)

Once the track started to take shape I went looking for something meat from robwalkerpoet (only because I love his work and the thought that is represented therein) and I stumbled upon Okka! :) I don’t know the origins of that track but it is great and hopefully a fun addition to my usual way too serious, opinionated content ;)

Anyway, crank it if you dare and I guarantee we shall come out on the other side :)

Much love my funky musical family!

Kungfu Lyric:
Well ain’t just humorous
A giant string of hubris
The wind blows from here to there
But we all run and hide anywhere
Well ain’t just humorous
A giant strain of hubris

Well ain’t just humorous
A big ol’ ball of hubris
Big ol’ hair on top of his head
I hope that we don’t all end up underfed

Okka Lyric:
(Left to interpretation :)

"Well Ain't That Just (ft. Okka!!!)"
by Joel Frijters

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