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good friday 2012

uploaded: Sat, Feb 12, 2022 @ 12:25 AM last modified: Sun, Feb 13, 2022 @ 12:36 AM  (add)
byKiki (Sunstream FM)
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its 09:16 central european time.

i psychologically process with this song my divine fight with various drug dealers on good friday 2012. i still dream dreams in which i have superpowers.

nevertheless i lower my eyes as soon as someone potentially aggressive crosses my path.

the chords are based on hans zimmers ideal of hope.

man of steel soundtrack.

i have this new synthesizer zenology pro from roland. as a virtual instrument of course.

i’ve been having a lot of fun with ccmixter lately. hopefully emily makes up for it with the hackers.

it would be a tragedy to lose this site….

key of c major bpm 81

by the way, i couldn’t have done an instrumental because at that time the voices of the divine virgins of war, at least one, sarah, as she was called, prepared me for the fighton good friday 2012.

but i still doubt her noble intentions, since she left me in the dust during the fight and i heard no voice during the fight except my yelling at the beginning to get the gang out of their holes in the middle of the city. so today i am more inclined to see it like this:

jesus took care of a poor maniac and saved him from certain death.

but even that is not a nice theory. but i accept it as the only probable one. because what happened, happened.

be that as it may. thanks to my damaged knee from the fight, i am no longer able to fly.

so that’s history for me.

by the way, i haven’t heard any voices in nine years, since i’ve been taking my prescribed medication again.

but i admit, the ants that call themselves human society are a joke :)

and for me, all that’s left is the cloak of the poor lunatic, making music in his apartments, giving psychiatrists and psychologists the cuckoo, just to be left alone and for the money to flow, as long as i do nothing but music.

but listen to the song and tell me I’m fantasizing…:)

"good friday 2012"
by Kiki (Sunstream FM)

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