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Call Me, Baby

uploaded: Sun, Dec 19, 2021 @ 11:41 PM
byKiki (Sunstream FM)
FeaturingJohn Louis Kluck
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its 8:24 central european time. i woke up at half past four am. and i was drinking coffee in the kitchen of my mother, 600 yards opposite to the european central bank and 600 yards away from the hospital i was born some 44 years ago. i remembered the dream i had this night. i saw an angry young man somwhere in the dusty landscape of iran, running and shouting that he wants to go to europe. and then i remembered the pictures my mom showed me yesterday. i got more than 100 close relatives (cousins) but im the biggest loser. and i thought something like, what are my people in croatia thinking about me here in germany. and i said to myself, i guess they think im a big loser. for reasons you should know by now. and later when i was sitting on the t8ilet, i refreshed bad tempered my google news on my mobile. i dont got facebook you should know. and i saw my second girlfriend, kerstin with her husband on the red carpet somewhere. and then i was thinking: if someone was now standing outside the t8ilet he would hear this mad hihihi you just made. and i made this remix then this morning. and as i was looking for half an hour for a track cover picture on pexels, my mom sat right next to me and watched on her computer famous married couples and she was like, do you see that and this…

i wasnt never telling her about kerstin or denise or julia…we are not that close…even that she saw denise, wen she was visiting me at home some 30 years ago…but she forgot…

by the way…chile has got a new croatian president. as my mom told me later this morning…

good morning europe and good night america…:)

its 12:10 cet. i was just drinking hot tea and smoked some cigarettes in moms kitchen. and a cloud flew over my mind. something like, your cousins are all better than you…

and then i remembered this morning and i was doing again:


and now im laughing:)

"Call Me, Baby"
by Kiki (Sunstream FM)

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