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A Forest (extended escapism)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 15, 2013 @ 5:37 AM
FeaturingFrank Specht
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After I have heard my own remix I came to the conclusion that I needed to extend it a bit.
I have reduced the percussions (starting way more late) and tried to make everything appear and disappear without one noticing it too much.
At around 3:00 the there is the break even. I find myself struggling with letting go reality but reality is gone. Timberman wrote that this song was made reflecting his whish to escape from the daily stress.
I found the poem by coffeeeurope here which fits perfectly to my thoughs I had in mind when I have heard “A Forest” first time.

It is the world or the current surrounding which is dissapearing not one self. I am there but find myself excaped to a fairytale where there are big trees elfes and trolls.

Some might find 7+ minutes to long and boring. I think it is the space the song deserves

"A Forest (extended escapism)"
by keytronic

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