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Arrive, Dreams, Arrive.

uploaded: Thu, Nov 19, 2009 @ 4:04 PM
byKaer Trouz
FeaturingAnchor Mejans (Voice & Cello), DoKashiteru (Amazing Everything Else)
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Even though there was no good reason to improve upon DoKashiteru’s ethereal and perfect ‘Aimee’, its cinematic qualities caused me to make a little film in my mind, which I then wanted to sing. I asked them to please upload an instrumental which they did immediately.

I sent an email to Anchor yesterday and he sent me back this resonant backing vocal and cello. I then re-recorded my vocal bit and got something I liked even better. The whole experience made me very happy.

Arrive, Dreams, Arrive

In your dreams
I will arrive
My body decomposing
Before your eyes
In my dreams
You will arive
Your body granulating
In my mind

Arrive, dreams,arrive

In my car I’m disappearing
The air is getting heavy
In my eyes
Drive you’re driving
you’re so near
But you will never find me

Arrive, dreams, arrive
I just want to fly


"Arrive, Dreams, Arrive."
by Kaer Trouz

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Editorial pick

Just some delicate notes of piano (DoKashiteru), the ethereal voice of Anchor Mejan and the crystalline voice of KaerTrouz for another flight in the sky. Magical..!!!!

ditto ditto