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Don't Try Too Hard

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Wrote this song today. Will add dry stems. Lyrics:


Don’t try too hard
There’s treasure in your backyard
Don’t try too hard
Time will heal your broken heart
Don’t try too hard
Coz there’s treasure in your backyard
Don’t try too hard
Time will deal you some good cards
you wanna grab hold, let it go
you wanna race ahead, so take it slow
you want answers, be happy you don’t know
you want a golden egg, better let that beanstalk grow
you wanna hoard it up, give it away
you wanna rush on in, gotta accept delays
you want to square up, just walk away
you want permanence, recognise the phase
you want to reach out, reach within
you wanna be centre-stage, grow a thick skin
you wanna make your mark, so zero-in
you want to finish it, better begin
you wanna bag some more, but that’s enough
you wanna sing your song, so go tune up
you want it smooth, gotta take it with the rough
you wanna live the dream, so wake up

"Don't Try Too Hard"
by Javolenus

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