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Gm95-England Was OK

uploaded: Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 7:20 AM last modified: Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 7:27 AM  (add)
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I’ve been messing about with this song. I posted a fragmentary earlier version called “Back To A Sunny Day” but wanted to complete the song and give a broader picture. I’ll post the stems. The lyrics are:

Walking through the streets where I grew up,
Decay, decay;
Half the shops are boarded up,
All the folks seen better days.
There’s a guy with a bottle, a blanket and a dog,
Some brawny tattooed bruiser is beating on her sprog.
And my mind slips away back to a sunny day,
When England was OK and you came out to play,
And your Ma made us tea, white bread and margarine,
We thought it was supreme, sang “Yellow Submarine” all day.

Gazing through the gates of my old school,
Too sad, too sad;
All the kids think they’re so cool,
They got toys we never had.
There’s a barrel of junkies sliding down the wall,
Bye bye bombed out monkeys, you don’t see me at all.
As my mind slips away back to a yesterday,
When England was OK and Geoff Hurst saved the day,
And we lazed in the sun with all our battles won,
“Out of Time” was Number One, when that chimera run away.

Skating through the park with my crew
I’s feeling sound;
While there’s nothing much to do,
Still I find myself a pound.
Dropped by some old geezer, he’s dreaming of the past,
Bye bye Ebeneezer, we’re going for a blast.
And my mind runs away, on to a future day,
When England is OK, going my way,
And I lays in the sun with all my battles won,
Have ourselves some fun, JLS at Number One.

"Gm95-England Was OK"
by Javolenus

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