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Tantra Song

uploaded: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 2:40 PM last modified: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 2:43 PM  (add)
FeaturingPaul Avgerinos
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This passionate original poem and sensual journey - inspired by authentic Tantric Yoga and Taoist practice - is intended to take you deeply into your capacity for sacred loving. You may choose to use it as a conscious loving meditation with your spirit/love partner. I’ve added a track with music, Always With You by Paul Avgerinos from his cd Words Touch available at CC BY-NC-SA. This track is not available for CC Plus, only the pella track. There is also a youtube video version.


In this moment of pure joy and expression
I take you to my heart, into my essence
I welcome you now as never another
You, my only, my one tantric lover

I am in you and you are in me
Merged as one as ever could be
Growing deeply within a radiant light
Such bountiful joy and loving delight

As if in tune with all of creation
Loving this way beyond even sensation
My depth of feeling and knowing so much
Coming from you and your loving touch

Awaken this moment in the grace of what is
Nothing that’s hers, nothing that’s his
But one in the glow of all that surrounds
One with our touch, one with our sounds

Are you seeing me as I’m seeing you
Never have I seen a sight so true
No way here of ever pretending
Are we at our beginning or ending

Tantra exploding, energy abounding
Feeling the joy that’s clearly resounding
Love comes once and now comes again
Finding our way to where we have been

My energy with yours brings forth what exists
With each gentle movement and each sensuous kiss
You are my essence and I am yours too
Inside your form part of me is now you

Move we together, one with all life
Spirits loving, true husband and wife
Beyond need to make love by decree
Passion now rising degree by degree

Oh, such love can never be wrong
To find each other after waiting so long
Never before a love of this kind
Then only love that’s more in the mind

This joy of tantra and total devotion
Filling us with light as large as an ocean
Building together with a power and force
Of two who’ve found loving straight from its source
Yes, we’ve found love which comes straight from Source

cc Gordon Rosenberg 2006

"Tantra Song"
by GeeArtriasRose

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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