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Net Neutrality Sample Pack

uploaded: Fri, Jun 23, 2017 @ 10:36 AM last modified: Thu, Jun 29, 2017 @ 2:41 PM  (add)
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A pack of audio samples about Net Neutrality, mined from an episode of Radio Free Culture on the subject. The speaker’s name is Michael Weinberg, formerly from Public Knowledge (and now with Shapeways). All samples are CC0, completely free to use. Please remix!

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /FMA_Overlords_-_21_-_Take_Action.mp3 (477.71KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_09_-_Everyone_Benefits.mp3 (1.58MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_17_-_Positive_Future.mp3 (620.45KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_19_-_Medium_Term_Implications.mp3 (1.33MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_16_-_What_Wouldnt_Exist.mp3 (1,003.81KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_22_-_People_Of_The_Future.mp3 (263.63KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_23_-_Make_A_Difference.mp3 (1.30MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_12_-_How_To_Win.mp3 (1.52MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_03_-_ISPs_Have_One_Job.mp3 (1.23MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_10_-_Sophisticated_Lobbyists.mp3 (1.67MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_14_-_Weigh_In.mp3 (736.66KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_02_-_Net_Neutrality_Defined.mp3 (325.83KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_13_-_Everyday_People.mp3 (1.20MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_08_-_Partisan_Issues.mp3 (468.54KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_06_-_Bifurcated_Internet.mp3 (618.42KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_05_-_Life_In_The_Slow_Lane.mp3 (915.11KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_07_-_Virtuous_Cycle.mp3 (2.03MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_20_-_Long_Term_Implications.mp3 (1.07MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_01_-_In_The_Beginning.mp3 (1.47MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_18_-_Short_Term_Implications.mp3 (983.43KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_04_-_Non_Neutral_Net.mp3 (248.32KB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_15_-_Call_Your_Rep.mp3 (1.47MB)
  • /FMA_Overlords_-_11_-_Pay_Attention.mp3 (1.17MB)

"Net Neutrality Sample Pack"
by Free_Music_Archive

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

The artist has waived all rights. Click here for more information.

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Usually we do not promote “Sample” packs as an Ed-Pick. But since this message provided by FMA (Big Thanks) is very important to get shouted and reach more people we promote it to make you all aware it exist.
Thanks to spinningmerkaba for creating the preview.

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