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A blasted life

uploaded: Fri, Apr 8, 2011 @ 7:52 PM
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I could really relate to the call of this project. I didn’t use my best mic. Could re-record it if it comes to that. These are just my thoughts.


I do not feel that I was born corrupted
As in I do don’t believe in original sin.
However, I have been corrupted……
By life, by circumstance, and by my
Own foolishness.

These things trouble me the most.
I want to be pure, but I fall so

Corrosion, rust, death and failure
Haunt my every breath and step.

And yet I live and write….While
Corruption bites….
It shows there’s some
Strength in me.

Possibly, maybe, decidedly ….
I will persist.

Joe D. Lincoln 2011

"A blasted life"
by Fireproof_Babies

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