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Stereo Experimentation

uploaded: Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 5:59 AM
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Have you ever really wanted, striving for something, breaking all the rules just to work for you, If you ever really want them, own them but not rent them, here’s what you need to do, In this life iv’e learnt that something, right out of nothing kind enough to share with you, So pull a chair up put you hair up, Like a geezer need to head ya to explain a thing or two.

Verse 1;
D to the U to the C to the O, time to welcome the star to the show, I walk right in just flashin ma grin, before I know it it’s time to do it again, With that flipped back, I’m so hip that when I sit back my heads layin fat tracks, cause of all that done stuck attached payin fat tax to these god dam fat cats, tryin to be that hard hat master flash, pushin success so hard just to make the cash, aint that the reason you pulled this chair up to me, liftin your head up, yeah, you wana learn n see, I’m not a geezer full of knowledge ya see, that’s the reason why you all up and countin on me, to be number one from a total of three, so forget your mum and forget your daddy.

Verse 2:
Another chapter flows and as ya know for success to grow it needs to be original, yeah that’s me, flashin keys to the Benz, yeah that’s me caught out lying again, nah I don’t own no fancy car, but still I’m a become that successful superstar, the subliminal, everyone says I’m hypocritical, with a flow so smooth they say I’m a criminal, yeah I’m dishing out, beefs what I’m serving now, I keep my mics flexed and you wana run that mouth, you best sort out what this mess is all about, before I turn around and sort it myself, I’m so up now, nothing like before, I used to think up how I’d even the score, now it’s official, how I can diss you, disrespectful while you be superficial.

Verse 3;
From these lessons you’ve learned, that you won’t get burned, from those phonies that turn around and change their shirt, life’s full of em so I expect it ya see, just pullin on the worn arm of society, draggin us, naggin us, tryin ta place there tag on us, forcin us all to vote unanimous, and there punishment, complimentary, no solarium, straight up penitentiary, in this life when there is a fail, the impossible things are what brings us bail, moves like a snail with no yayo, things will never speed up so listen all a yo, for sure I know, there’s that moment to go, for all of us to use what we all know, but until that time comes by just stay flexed, never know what life might do or throw up next.

This was a muck around track, completely made by me in (all my music is underground, nothing near professional, even if collaborated - My current collaboree’s live in Germany and America, so I record, in a quiet room, and send it away. No studio, everything, lyrically, is mastered/EQ/Reverb/Stereo’d/Parametric EQ’d by me) the original is here - [url=][/url]

"Stereo Experimentation"
by Duco

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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