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Sight Of Heart (Multitracks)

uploaded: Wed, Aug 15, 2007 @ 10:28 PM last modified: Thu, Aug 16, 2007 @ 9:24 AM  (add)
byDJ Rkod
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My third batch of multitracks, this time from my double album 8. It’s a spacey, moody piece with phased strings playing chord progressions and a broken, twisting beat thumping away, pushed far up in the mix. Other instruments compliment the theme. Enjoy!

This song was co-written with Trazom, and is in the key of G.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Main Instruments

  • /303 1.flac (230.87KB)
  • /303 2.flac (231.19KB)
  • /Bass Fill.flac (354.05KB)
  • /Bass.flac (309.51KB)
  • /Choir Loop.flac (455.00KB)
  • /Choir.flac (2.57MB)
  • /Electric Piano Fade.flac (172.33KB)
  • /Electric Piano Loop.flac (222.64KB)
  • /High Guitar Fade 1.flac (607.09KB)
  • /High Guitar Fade 2.flac (1.07MB)
  • /High Guitar Loop.flac (749.37KB)
  • /Phased Cello.flac (896.35KB)
  • /Phased Violin.flac (1,001.16KB)
  • /Piano Fade.flac (549.51KB)
  • /Piano Fill 1.flac (304.24KB)
  • /Piano Loop 1.flac (282.37KB)
  • /Piano Loop 2.flac (285.94KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums And Spacey Guitar

  • /909 Crash.flac (134.49KB)
  • /909 Fill 1.flac (109.86KB)
  • /909 Fill 2.flac (422.08KB)
  • /909 Loop 1.flac (98.48KB)
  • /909 Loop 2.flac (188.16KB)
  • /Drum Fill 1.flac (68.44KB)
  • /Drum Fill 2.flac (299.60KB)
  • /Drum Loop 1.flac (317.85KB)
  • /Drum Loop 2.flac (541.87KB)
  • /Spacey Guitar Outro.flac (2.19MB)
  • /Spacey Guitar.flac (1.90MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Dry Strings

  • /Dry Cello.flac (450.55KB)
  • /Dry Violin.flac (530.10KB)

"Sight Of Heart (Multitracks)"
by DJ Rkod

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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