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It's Just Us (paired with It's Only Me by Donnie Ozone)

uploaded: Wed, Jan 29, 2020 @ 12:36 AM last modified: Thu, Jan 30, 2020 @ 10:43 PM  (add)
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I will upload the full mix separately. Apologies.

To be honest with CC terms, this is an unsolicited “duo” with Donnie Ozone. He does not endorse this song. However, he has my permission to use this mix, pella and samples CC Attribution (Commerical OKAY!!!!!).

UnReal_Dm you set the tone for half of my lyrics. Truly.

Hey see I disagree I say it’s just us
two def rappers throwing bars on a bus
Donnie Ozone and Mr Coruscate
top notch cc rappers on your plate
He’s holds the East and I hold the West
These Tesla coils strobe flash at the fest-
ival not evil but we’re mean to the beat
never met a drum that could make us retreat
he’s got a lot of hair and I’ve got a whiff
but when it comes to rap we both have a gift
He dresses nice but I’m covered in dirt
My daddy taught me a little couldn’t hurt
work 16 hours come home and mix
stand around maxing in my job kicks
I let my rhymes fly to relieve all my pressure
cracked man flows prose from every fissue
so hey let’s start the flux capacitor
UnRealDm the main exhibitor
the world’s fair 33 RPM
Authentic American rhythm
microphone checka mic microphone checka
it’s that rapper that also drives a wrecka
I’m as slick as rhymes like with my j-hooks
I’ll meet the ETA and leave the staters shook
Throw these blues on the bed my truck
Haul ten past the limit not giving a what
Spin these platters right back in the cut
Even cowboys are cutting a rut
It’s a four bar rhyme you can two step to
drink saspirilla in Timbuktu but whatever
you do don’t step on my blue sneaker
fuzzy tones coming out your speaker
you can call it the blues but I think it’s warm
like the weather fore a thunderstorm
the song evokes images of the south
when cigarettes drooped from every mouth
I’ve been to nawlins and I wanna go back
I’d feel much better if I brought this track
Roll into the quarter like mardi gras
with ccmixter up in my DAW

"It's Just Us (paired with It's Only Me by Donnie Ozone)"
by coruscate

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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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