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Ninjas In Your Attic (Full Construction Kit)

uploaded: Thu, Jan 2, 2020 @ 12:47 AM last modified: Thu, Jan 2, 2020 @ 1:48 AM  (replace)
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We have beat loops
Extra vocal phrases in Japanese unused in the song
And a kicking acapella at 75 BPM.

I wanted to put this out under 3.0 Attributiuon but it insists on sampling plus so….

Okay I’ve got a fun one for ya here! A three verse (48 bar) song not counting the three different bridges. They are recorded dry but also autotuned.

I’ve also got a QiBrd sample and some drum machine / bass loops. Lots of fun. The only stuff I could not include was the material!

This was a a lot of fun.

Below these credits is the Lyrics.

” Japan_Koto_My_Amateur_Improv_Session_2.wav” by RutgerMuller

Koto hit by Mondschein90

Features “Samurai Story”
by shockshadow

Also features these sound effects

Sword drawn from scabbard
by giddster

Sword Slash Attack
by qubodup

chillllll relax get ill
spread your leaves on the window sill
move in slo mo like chlorophyl
wildflowers that just can’t still

boooooob and weave and dip
lose control abandon ship
I’m the captain of the Titanic
ramming this rig into the ice brick

ohhhhhhh these sunken souls
washed ashore on the Sandy shoals
nodding by mind control
sonic hypnosis with a goal

wokeness buried in my words
open this measure of verbs
hoping to start cracking minds
before I start snapping spines
ninjas in your attic
Don’t panic (pft) got to have it
the aftermath is kind of tragic
no laughter gone it’s like magic
subterfuge move in the shadows
it’s no use we’re walking gallows
coming at you with the Monkey Punch
straight to the floor like Daisuke’s clutch

there’s no comparison to this being
this villainous field that is unseen
unseelie the dark undergrowth
poetic movement undertows

there’s no blood, bodies drop
drowning in words that come non stop
guaranteed vintage ol hip hop
aged just like a record’s pop

so come on down to the orchestra pit
bolster the formula improve on it
dissapear into a cloud of haze
with not a witness with not a trace
ninjas in your home
you’re all alone (pop) to your dome
we’ve got you locked in our zone
strangulated by vocal tones
doooooooom the gloom gets all
there’s no stalling no firewall
the trinity has cut your thread
the finale come rest your head

close call sire Gillette
aspire to slit with a wire garrote
from your neck down to your toe
a coroner’s gown for John Doe

quiet here we come
unexpected you cannot run
out the back we’ve set a trap
use our knowledge close the gap

fooooooog flows through the vents
oxygen thins the air gets dense
dancing geisha fill your vision
sleep forever finish our mission
ninjas in your place
temporary get erased
the obituary lays no blame
a vagrant slain with no name

Contents of ZIP Archive: Acapella

  • /ninja vocals/Ninja Autotune Phrase 1.mp3 (446.48KB)
  • /ninja vocals/Ninja Autotune Phrase 2.mp3 (481.73KB)
  • /ninja vocals/Ninja Autotune Phrase 3.mp3 (439.36KB)
  • /ninja vocals/ninjas 75-edited-autotune.mp3 (7.84MB)
  • /ninja vocals/ninjas 75-edited-dry-vocals.mp3 (7.84MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: BandPass loops

  • /BandPass Created Loops/Ninja cello bass jingle.mp3 (291.56KB)
  • /BandPass Created Loops/Ninja Drum Complete.mp3 (294.38KB)
  • /BandPass Created Loops/ninja Hat Clap.mp3 (244.69KB)
  • /BandPass Created Loops/ninja kick snare clap.mp3 (255.00KB)
  • /BandPass Created Loops/Ninja oooh quote.mp3 (262.50KB)
  • /BandPass Created Loops/Ninja sub bass Shimmer.mp3 (291.56KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Misc Acapella Instrumenta

  • /ninjas 75 inst.mp3 (8.35MB)
  • /ninjas 75.acd (136.55KB)
  • /QiBrd Instrument G Scale.mp3 (1,013.86KB)
  • /various japanese phrases.mp3 (263.67KB)

"Ninjas In Your Attic (Full Construction Kit)"
by coruscate

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Sampling Plus

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