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Schadenfreude (Rap beat construction kit)

uploaded: Tue, Dec 24, 2019 @ 3:49 AM last modified: Tue, Dec 24, 2019 @ 3:59 AM  (add)
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There’s a second version of the song in the zip file. Please enjoy.

Vocal additions by Krys Rice my girlfriend. I have not hit the NSFW button though one of the German word samples not in the mix, is for a$$**le.

The definition of schadenfreude she is reading is straight from Wikipedia which is of course under a CC license as well.

Viny Record Needle Static by joedeshon

Old Vinyl Record by “ThemFish”

Record Scratch by Nixphoeni

Contents of ZIP Archive: Beats

  • /Perc 1(1).mp3 (363.75KB)
  • /Perc 1(2).mp3 (366.56KB)
  • /Perc 1(3).mp3 (368.44KB)
  • /Perc 1(4).mp3 (363.75KB)
  • /Perc 1.mp3 (325.31KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Alternate Mix

  • /110 schadenfreude original.mp3 (5.33MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Spoken words

  • /schadenfreude/Chris anger_1576977041922.mp3 (20.11KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris ASL_1576977041917.mp3 (42.42KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris fraud_1576977041918.mp3 (19.17KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris liar_1576977041916.mp3 (30.42KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris loss_1576977041921.mp3 (23.86KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris Payne_1576977041919.mp3 (19.17KB)
  • /schadenfreude/Chris t i o_1576977041920.mp3 (68.67KB)
  • /schadenfreude/krys_1576646915065.mp3 (148.73KB)
  • /schadenfreude/krys_1576646915064.mp3 (133.17KB)

"Schadenfreude (Rap beat construction kit)"
by coruscate

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