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Come Drop Hot 16 Bars

uploaded: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 3:22 PM last modified: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 3:56 PM  (add)
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THIS IS A CHALLENGE: Make a 16 bar rap and add it to mine 8^)


regurgitated expletives don’t replace
proper adjectives in the first place
your words wander and focus on velveteen
female anatomy and the drug scene

get a thesaurus so you don’t replay
repetitive cussin that got you no play
we all like to party let’s throw one now
but can you identify a proper pronoun

a driver’s license and excessive speed
poetic license and misogynist screed
neither covers destructive ettiquette
so why bother speaking so illiterate

WHy not pick a different topic and rock it
irrelevant trips are worth so stop it
learn to spot eloquent lingual tsars
who came here to drop hot 16 bars


I came here to drop these bars
And rock right through your boulevard
Come on feel the beat nod to the drum
Reel from the heat and then succumb

I got this in check like game of chess
Not what you expect but I am the best
Got the suburban urban burblin flow
Bringing down the curtains with my casio

So don’t you hate on the CCmix
Let in Coruscate with my bag of trix
Silly rabbits just can’t understand
I’m rabid when I’ve a mic in my hand

So back up like it’s jet exhaust
Blowing out heat with a terrible force
Chillin the floor like a deep winterfrost
Blowing up the show no matter cost

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  • /new-instrumentals/glockenspiel.wav (1.47MB)
  • /new-instrumentals/piano beatmapped.wav (1.22MB)
  • /new-instrumentals/saxophone 1.wav (1,000.41KB)
  • /new-instrumentals/synthesizer-180.sfk (15.69KB)
  • /new-instrumentals/synthesizer-180.wav (3.91MB)
  • /vocaloid/leon 1 lower.wav (920.04KB)
  • /vocaloid/leon 1 lowest.wav (920.04KB)
  • /vocaloid/leon 1 mid.wav (920.04KB)
  • /vocaloid/lola 1 mid.wav (920.04KB)
  • /vocaloid/lola 1.mid (9.57KB)
  • /vocaloid/lola 2 highest.wav (920.04KB)
  • /vocaloid/lola 3 lowest.wav (920.04KB)
  • /notes.txt (23)
  • /drums/claps.mp3 (408.35KB)
  • /drums/clicks.mp3 (471.26KB)
  • /drums/hats.mp3 (593.39KB)
  • /drums/kicks.mp3 (543.47KB)
  • /drums/maraca.mp3 (557.39KB)
  • /instruments/001 pizzicato.mp3 (520.17KB)
  • /instruments/01 charang.mp3 (584.91KB)
  • /instruments/01 choir ahs.mp3 (559.22KB)
  • /instruments/01 fifth lead.mp3 (621.84KB)
  • /instruments/01 synbass1.mp3 (522.56KB)
  • /instruments/01 tremolo strings.mp3 (572.06KB)
  • /instruments/vox fx echo.mp3 (228.47KB)
  • /instruments/vox fx.mp3 (149.06KB)
  • /instruments/vox.mp3 (151.27KB)
  • /new drums/hats 1.wav (1.95MB)
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  • /new drums/hats 3.wav (1.95MB)
  • /new drums/hats 4.wav (1.95MB)
  • /new drums/hats intro.wav (5.86MB)
  • /new drums/kick quarter notes.wav (1,000.41KB)
  • /new drums/kick snare 1.wav (1,000.41KB)
  • /new drums/kick snare 2.wav (1.95MB)
  • /new drums/space kick quarter notes.wav (500.41KB)
  • /new drums/space kicks 1.wav (1.95MB)
  • /new drums/space kicks 2.wav (1.95MB)
  • /new drums/space kicks 3.wav (1.95MB)

"Come Drop Hot 16 Bars"
by coruscate

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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