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Make You Stomp

uploaded: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 @ 9:23 PM last modified: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 @ 6:26 PM  (replace)
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Another experimental song, this time a complete one. I still need to learn some new things about the software, but this is pretty neat.

All loops in A Major.

I started with a P5 Audio construction kit and added vocals to match as best as I could with my meager skills.

THe incomplete orchestra
oh oh yeah
The Incomplete Orchestra
will make you stomp
The Incomplete Orchestra
got the funky jams
The Incomplete Orchestra
will make you step up and
stomp stomp (etc)

you should come along now and
feel this beat in your heart
because you need the best music
that we can make you feel
if you feel the bass
and the treble come take part
inside the house this house of funky
syncopation appeal

move if you feel this great jam
up on this dance floor
groove right along with my band
jump right from the door
I will not let you down so
lets get this party on
shine through the waves in this sound
bet we’ll be here til dawn

(Bridge 1)
Stomp (X many, it’s bridge 2)
Oooh (X many it’s the “ooh” files)

hey jump and shake your booty
to this crazy beat
say do you find this groovy
if so then move your feet
dance let’s turn this mother out
out no doubt move your ass
chance grab a partner and shout
out the beat is so fast

(Bridge 1)
(Bridge 2 X 2)

Contents of ZIP Archive: acapella in zip

  • /bridge 1 leon bass.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 1 leon.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 1 lola.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 2 leon bass 2.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 2 leon bass.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 2 leon.wav (2.81MB)
  • /bridge 2 lola.wav (2.81MB)
  • /leon verse - lola treble.wav (2.81MB)
  • /lola verse 1.wav (2.81MB)
  • /lola verse 2.wav (2.81MB)
  • /lola verse - leon bass.wav (2.81MB)
  • /ooh leon.wav (692.04KB)
  • /ooh lola.wav (692.04KB)
  • /leon verse 1.wav (2.81MB)
  • /leon verse 2.wav (2.81MB)

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"Make You Stomp"
by coruscate

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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