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You Can't Deny (Duckett Pella addition)

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UPDATE: Altered the lyrics and improved the delivery and mix. Pellas have been consolidated into one file.

This is an addition to “You Can’t Deny” to Duckett. Please use them in tandem to extend the awesome!

Rapping to this BPM isn’t hard… but maintaining the breath pattern that Duckett had going is a real challenge. I had to re-record the heck out of this thing until I was happy with it!

There are also two loops included. Dry and wet clap.

Surprising you with hidden lyrical skills

We interrupt your regularly scheduled hot vocals to bring you this extra heat! You can’t deny this either

You can’t deny the ample skills of Duckett Coruscate
World famous built tougher than the Golden Gate
Elevating lucid dreams into musical notes
capsizing your boat til it’s murder she wrote

You can try to shoot breeze but it won’t work at all
shifty dog with no bone no spine at all
ignorant mind suspended up in a free fall
iNequal OVER all full of air worthless thrall

You can’t compare to these ccmixter flow gods
Don’t bother don’t dare to bet with your odds
isn’t fate or miss karma. It’s your wackass rhymes
Bad delivery, bad flow. And they’re badly timed

should abandon your plans unless your name is Aladdin
rubbin on a magic lamp to imrpove on your rappin
should resign and vow to leave the limelight alone
yess It’s fine to never touch another microphone
You can’t deny the simple fact we got it goin on
Gettin fame no shame competition all gone
You can’t deny the simple fact we got it goin on
Make it hot! Make it rock! Dropping these bombs!

"You Can't Deny (Duckett Pella addition)"
by coruscate

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