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Limp Blob 98 BPM

uploaded: Wed, Jan 20, 2010 @ 9:35 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 6:17 PM  (replace)
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UPDATE 2012: New delivery and full mix.
“Limp Blob”

Worthless pile of human crap
Abusive vile, he could use a slap
Hillbilly heroin popping fiend
Incessessant propaganda feed
Gender hating, color hating, bigoted shit
Non thinking, knee jerk hypocrite
Treats his people like he’s a shepherd
Loves to whine with inequal standards
Won’t undercut Republican guys
Acts unbiased but everyone’s wise
very jealous of famous black men
Argues like a moron without acumen
Can’t keep a woman he likes blue pills
goes to third world countries for cheap thrills
Loves to hate, can’t love or create
Like a cancer cell up in your prostate

Oh, Rush, Rush, what will you do?
When media matters comes for you
Will you run and hide from debate
What kind of lie will you spit today

narcissistic homophobic out of control
Live his life insinde a foxhole
dittoheads repeat like parrots with tourettes
puking points out thinking they’re patriots
he loves football wanted his own team
got blackballed because he’s so mean
Spit all over the hait relief
Says he’s christian that’s as hard to believe
as swiftboat attack, Mohammad Atta
Won’t dis Bush but rage at Obama
Like we can’t see just what he is
Anglophelia is his weakness
a douse of anger when he’s incorrect
deflects mistakes with disrespect
covers up lies and acts devious
pull off that mask and he’s hideous

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"Limp Blob 98 BPM"
by coruscate

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