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Missing Person (a capella)

uploaded: Sun, Sep 12, 2010 @ 4:11 AM
FeaturingSt Paul
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I love Per’s mixes and I adore working with him. Thank you, Mr T!

Why am I feeling this empty, detached and incomplete?
The subject of love leaves me cold and my heart won’t skip a beat
when I spot a face in a crush of people or rub shoulders on the street
I want someone to get my inner rhythm and turn up the heat
I’m missing a person or is that just a lie I’ve been told?
Genes’ or Mother Nature’s line since I was zero years old
That two is always better than one, if you live alone you’re weird
All I know is, missing my missing person is something to be feared
See I’m a free individual, a single fish not part of a shoal
I tell everyone I love my work but deep down there’s a doubt in my soul
Pretence and empty ambition eventually take their toll
The fabric of my life is crumbling, exposing a heartbreaking hole
I’m missing a person or am I programmed to feel that way?
How could one individual turn my dark December to May?
My intellect tells me it’s stupid, my heart that I must have a dream
Minus my missing person I’m coffee without caffeine and cream
I’m missing a person, I might have made him up in my head
He’ll find my conversation clever and take control in bed
He’ll be solvent yet artistic (I need to work on how that can be true)
And talking of my missing person, could he possibly be …… you?

"Missing Person (a capella)"
by CiggiBurns

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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