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Savior (STFU)

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Musical intro

I know youre bleedin
But I cant be your healer
I know youre desperate (crying)
Cuz you call me 20 times in an hour

I dont know what to do
I am not your Savior
I dont know who I am to you
I am not your Mother

You break down
You crash and burn
Id like to comfort you
But youre too far-gone


You feel the waves
Want to fall beneath
Id like - to call a shrink
Cuz lifes your personal hell


I dont know what to say to you
I am not your Sailor
I dont know who I am to you
I am not your Lover

You pray for help
As if He listens to you
I’d like to shake your faith
Cuz you have not a clue

You speak in clichés
Say its all a test
I wish you would stop crying (I wish you would break already)
Cuz I need my rest

Empathy sympathy
apathy topography
geography botany
pornography monotony x2


Muffled crying sounds

"Savior (STFU)"
by Beholdthebutterfly

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