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uploaded: Sat, Nov 21, 2009 @ 4:29 PM
FeaturingSackJo22, Hao Liang, Li Li, Wenruo Jia, Xiaoyu Dang, the re-opening and artemisstrong!
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in the neighborhood we bring the new neighbors with us. together we explode cubes. those we like and those who scare us. happy anniversary!

the chinese contributions:

White space,
Filled with dazzling lights,
In it,
Feeling dizzy, confused and even fear,
Light creates the space.
written and spoken by Hao Liang

All is about the empty white and overflow. I was standing inside, nothing but me. The white pushes me down, endless. Ringing around the sun. I hate it, I love it. My thoughts began to precipitate; isolated things began to merge one by one, overlapping in this empty space. Filling it, filling it. I was swimming inside, began to feel sad. A wandering grief.
written and spoken by Li Li

White space is the space, which is very pure. People in that place can take off everything, and feel the space quietly.
White space is simple but it is also profuse. People can give the space different expressions based on their own feelings.
White space makes the relationship between space and human direct. Light and shadow as the most original means of space here are explained very well.
written and spoken by Wenruo Jia

Bright is no longer shining
Ambiguity is no longer clear
That glance
Coagulation is not only the tears…
written and spoken by Xiaoyu Dang

artemisstrong’s “hospital hill” is a great remix attributed under an attribution noncommercial license. we included some mute noise at the end of our mix. do with it whatever you want to.


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