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Billevesée feat. Blabetté de Metz

uploaded: Sun, Jan 25, 2015 @ 7:08 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 25, 2015 @ 7:11 AM  (add)
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Hot sweat is dripping on cold dance floors at this lewdly location. Move body to body, deflower and degenerate.

This is a fun track using lots of hand-crafted synth sounds, featuring the somehow snarly vocals of Blabetté De Metz from Bassmiliz.

With luv from Hamburg!

Contents of ZIP Archive: 7OOP3D Billevesée Loop P

  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Bass 01.flac (530.89KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Bass 02.flac (557.84KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Bass Arp 01.flac (911.19KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Bass Arp 02.flac (929.39KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Bass Hard.flac (638.21KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 01.flac (1.30MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 02.flac (883.53KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 03.flac (755.74KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 04.flac (1.43MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 05.flac (1.48MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 06.flac (1.78MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Drums 07.flac (1.39MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Env Swells 01.flac (1.20MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Filter Sweep.flac (1.77MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Hackord 01.flac (1.13MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Hackord 02.flac (1.19MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Hackord 03.flac (955.68KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Hackord 04.flac (1.64MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Melo Kalt 01.flac (1.13MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Melo Kalt 02.flac (2.42MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Melo Kalt 03.flac (686.71KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Melo Kalt 04.flac (3.04MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Power Slide.flac (646.07KB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Spagghotak Seq 01.flac (1.31MB)
  • /FLAC/7OOP3D_BdM_Spagghotak Seq 02.flac (1.18MB)

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"Billevesée feat. Blabetté de Metz"
by 7OOP3D

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