Dig The Soundtrack 2017 Remix Event

Editors' Picks


Spinmeister’s remix of DJ Vadim’s “Sometime” is a modern dubalicious take on the well loved spaghetti western style soundtrack. An absolutely fabulous ambient groove peppered with haunting trumpet.

Art of Dying (Etching Mix)

by: vo1k1
vo1k1’s “The Art of Dying” is an artful piece of music that evokes beauty, emotion and retrospection. Featuring the magnificent vocals of Chris Horne and Skoria, wrapped in intricate string arrangements, the haunting piano and guitar melodies in this track open the heart.

I'll Wait (Emotional Days Mix)

Siobhan Dakay’s epic take on Snowflake’s timeless love song grabs attention from the orchestral opening notes, building through a jazzed-up middle and doesn’t let go til the final note fading into the distance. A remarkable piece of music blending genres and emotions.

Dig the Uke

Dig Stefan Kartenberg’s German Cajun Appalachian country rock fusion remix featuring Kara Square on Uke. This creative transatlantic mix is indicative of the ccmixter.org objective of a world-wide jam session.


Setting the mood for sorrowful dramatic scenes that take a moment to pause in grief, Quarkstar’s remix of Unreal_dm is inspired.
Kara Square

Hey, Mr Sun ....

VickyDan shares a well orchestrated remix of Ciggiburns’ “Hey, Mr Sun”.

Un mélange regroupant mystère et intrigue, très bien ficelé et envoûtant.

Bravo. Bien joué!

Don't forget me

by: veezyn
Veezyn lifts unreal_dm’s SoulR&B100 stems to the next level in this smoove instrumental. Great listening, perfect for video and film.

Scared Of My Own Blood

Nothing like that magic combination of a Fender Stratocaster guitar, compressor, and a wide reverb to produce a bit of a Dave Gilmour feel.

Tobias Weber presents a memorable version of Sunbyrn’s Scared of My Own Blood.

The Session [Jihfa Reload]

by: Jihfa
A beautiful deep hip-hop ride through the streets of New York with an great original soundtrack/production that is moving and deceptively rich and complex.

Angel Face

A bit Santana-esque/The Doors vibe with some soulish frosting. Very retro, very authentic 60’s sound.
Zep Hurme

Too Much

Rey Izain’s remix of Forensic’s Doing Too Much is a retro funk, hip hop and R&B fusion track that lays down an infectious beat and good time feel that will have you moving, grooving and grinning from ear to ear.

Feel good party music!

Sketchy part of town

Robert Anthony Ruzzo’s schwingy 12/8 jam with Bill Ray delivers retro jazz trio music like the chill Fender Rhodes noodlings released on vinyl by jazz labels in the 1970s. Just like time travel. Jump in the ccmixter tardis and chill to Robert’s coolio jazz noodlings.

Gotta love a low budget orchestra that delivers!


Stefan has created an enjoyable retro Court of the Crimson Kartenberg remix of Chris Horne’s well crafted story about John Merrick.

After a glass of your fave, relax on some throw pillows and enjoy PROTEUS.

Restart The Melody

Dan Mantau creates a truly inventive and collaborative remix well imagined, orchestrated and built upon the framework provide by Javolenus and vocals by the always fabulous Farisha.

Target ccmixter!
Bulls eye!

The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix)

A hole is now where David Bowie once lived. SpinningMerkaba’s The Stars Look Different is a beautiful tribute to our beloved Ziggy Stardust featuring Bowie-inspired guitar and Dimitri Artemenko’s contemplative violin and stefsax on the sonorous clarinet. A must listen, especially this week.