Editors' Picks

Deep Down In My Heart

“Deep Down In My Heart” is a deep warm mix with the influence of Moby and The Doors. Feel the soul of this great song made by “Fourstones” and “Radio On The Shelf”.
Stefan Kartenberg

Tracing My Steps

Gather ‘round, it’s story time! Tobias Weber’s galloping country western arrangement is the perfect setting for Radioontheshelf’s history lesson.
Kara Square

Music is a life saver

Pop rock and roll with heart. I bet many ccMixter musicians can relate to Spinningmerka’s lyrics. Stefan Kartenberg’s pop rock treatment was the perfect choice. “Turn it up now” for the love of music!
Kara Square

Old Times and older People

Have you ever fallen in love with a song? Listen to “Old Times and older People” A wonderful ballad with lyrics and vocals made by Radioontheshelf and a very emotional soundtrak composed by Siobhan Dakay.
Stefan Kartenberg

Sunday's Girl

Chill for a moment and reflect. Let your heart soar as high as it will with “Sunday’s Girl”.
Zep Hurme

I'll Wait

Tarida Gaol’s back beat arrangement of “I’ll Wait” by Snowflake is an enjoyable foot tapper. Give it a listen today, tomorrow, and the next day for sure.

Girl We've Just Begun

Craving a deliciously smooth house mix? Push play NOW. Loveshadow delivers tasty rhythm and melody — opening the heart and moving the feet. Featuring Scomber’s inspiring vocal and stems from Calyman, “Girl We’ve Just Begun” is a track you’ll come back for again and again.

Mathilde (bleu)

Bluemillenium a le blues, Siobhan entendu son cri et conçu cette ballade triste lisse.

Je pleure dans la chapelle,
Je prie pour ton retour
Reviens chez toi

Bluemillenium has the blues, Siobhan heard his cry and crafted this smooth lovelorn ballad.

I cry in the chapel,
I pray for your return
Mathilde …
Come home

The Politics of Hate

Panu and Loveshadow together in a monster track with a message…get out in the street and get loud. We will not surrender to the politics of hate.

mmmmm - shifting sun

Feel good indie pop rock remix with urmymuse’s signature guitar layer cake and Scomber’s smooth and coolly delivered vocals… Push play and say “Mmmmm…”
Kara Square


A gentle ambient hip-hop instrumental featuring 7OOP3D and Snowflake. Airtone’s light, beautiful mix is perfect for sentimental, reflective visuals. Delightful.
Kara Square

The Beat Generation: Lenny Bruce

This track is as hot as the summer heat wave we’re in…sizzling with creativity, humor, and musical genuis, served up TRF style. NOt to be missed!

76deep (Apoxode Mix)

Glitchy, catchy electro pop that is bound to get your head bopping. Apoxode’s took no less than 14 samples from 76deep to form this infinitely creative Secret Mixter remix. Hit play!
Kara Square


Dive deeply into an ocean of sound with this masterful instrumental by Onlymeith featuring Quarkstar. Each melody and sound will resonate in your chest, and open new possibilities in your expansive mind.

Shambala (Just Imagine)

Float like a lotus blossom with Snowflake and Tobias Weber on the sacred path to the mythical kingdom of Shambhala.