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Editors' Picks

Out of time (part 1-2-3)

by: IceSun
A debut upload by IceSun. An up-tempo trance remix with just the right amount of psychedelic. Great download for running/working out. : )

Time to Take out the Trash

Boomtown Rats meets Sergio Leone in this pitch perfect Brad Sucks remix by genre busting ditto ditto (so good he’s was named twice twice). When I say d2 pulls out all the Bells and Whistles for this remix I mean that literally.

"Layla Jones"

Ghost_k and Tru.ski team up on this one to produce a seriously bumpin’ track that will haunt your eardrums. Low droning bass, infectious beats, mad skills on the mic…they’re all here.

JON (Sunday Stylistic Mix)

If you live by a beach, white sands, perfect weather, and you like to kick back/take it all in [as in my case in Puerto Rico hehe]…then this jam is just the right companion for you. *aside from an appletini of course*
Hektor Thillet

Just One Night-Late Night Mix

by: J.Lang
Someone please send this in to your local R&B radio station. Stunning
production by J. Lang featuring up and coming singer/songwriter Jeremy Carr.

Just One More Night

sultry & funky sub bass groove, simmered in layers of head nodding drums laced with subtle synths make for a soulful track that showcase jeremy carr’s inviting vocals…think d’angelo but better! light the candles and stay in for the night…

Just one man

by: Click
blunted, dubby, smoky, 3am downtempo sprinkled with funky but mellow breaks and tasty keys. ..a little bit tosca, a little bit air deftly packaged in click’s smooth, original sound.

February (Mumblemix)

IMT takes us on a skillfully navigated audio trip with this lounge masterpiece.

Ana (cinematrik's smooth dub)

Atmospheric beats, rich and emotionally provocative, HBE does it again with his (now) trademark thick, but never busy wall of sound.

Surreal in Vienna

by: _ghost
dj blue said it best.

“this is one of the dopest tracks i’ve heard on mixter in a while a pure sonic experience. the layers and textures are amazingly lush. the thought and time that went into this piece shines through. not an easy composition to pull off but ghost executes it flawlessly. the pace and anticipation that gets built with sound and tempo is completely evocative and inspiring… repeat.. absolutely love it… big props, this track needs to be an editor’s pick! “


by: teru
“Tasha is a friend of mine and my best friend’s younger sister. Tasha was in a car accident last week and has not woken up yet. Her family are over in Spain right now. I wish I could do more than just sit around praying for things to work out.”

Sounds just like that.
Mike Linksvayer

U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix )

by: U_F_O
Dance-able flower power is alive and well thanks to U_F_O’s series of Brad remix uploads topped for sure by this trippy in the sense before there was software called ‘ACID’

ditto ditto

Soulful world mix of “Ana” that strikes at the heart and never lets go from the first sound to the last.

Another impressive ccM debut,looking forward to lots more from ditto. er, ditto.

Calendar Girl (Non Carbon Emissions Mix)

Felt like 1986. If this doesn’t take you back, then you weren’t there. Remixed by Briareus featuring vocals by Omni Vista and Calendar Girl, currently 5 months into her 12 month Game.

blood is thicker (so clearly remix)

cinematic, dramatic soundscape and minimal beat’s that glich just right..
from a newer mixter plurgid..
vocals from j lang and 4nsic, this track is clearly one for the playlist.