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review of 'incognito blues' by 'a life of labors' [i]i did not start my day with this should of, had a morning that triggered a response ...
...irst song magically triggered her away from ccmixter... the recording is triggered when you sing and stops when you stop. i don't hear that in this track. so, generally, i'm wondering w
...vo! your tags also triggered me to listen, mainly because in my remix of this pella i also referred to some 'instruments of the pas
...the rap (vocals are triggered a fraction of a second too late). love the feel of this though. nice job.
...ld be tweaked to be triggered a fraction of a second earlier to sit a bit tighter in the beat. also, the stereo width of the rap
review of 'clay flies' by 'sackjo22' my associations are triggered by the title "clay flies" so that i imagine a drill into the earth, de...
...ike this white cube triggered something powerful inside you to make you create such beautiful tracks in such a short time period.
...e vocal phrases and triggered on a 4/4 grid it could work better. i love the backing track though. very, very excellent. would
...fonts and free midi-triggered soundfont players that sound a bit better than what you're using. at times you get a great "ja