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review of 'julie (acoustic)' by 'apoxode' right on! i didn't know you could play acoustic, that's awesome! if you feel comfortable with i...
...ent range of sound, comfortable pacing -- this is what video artists crave :) [up][/up][up][/up]
...ifficulty finding a comfortable position ... yep. and when it *finally* happens, that relief and the struggle is forgotten ... until
review of 'the scent of silent distances' by 'apoxode' comforting warmth, with room to breathe :) i get the same feel as from herbie han...
review of 'creature comforts' by 'kara square' what a fun (sounding) track! i love the juxtaposition of the joyous music with the lyrics ...
review of 'creature comforts' by 'speck' excellent. [up][/up]
...oments of peace and comfort.
review of 'living on' by 'sackjo22' stefan i am so sorry to hear this sad news. wishing you comfort during this tender time.
review of 'ocean dream' by 'sackjo22' nice chill comforting sound. thanks for including me.
... air -- like a soft comforting blanket. bravo!
review of 'seal.dolphin.whale.narwhal. ' by 'radioontheshelf' a feeling of edginess but at the same time strangely comforting[up][/up]
...t's one of the most comforting sounds on earth, so you have me on that alone.... not that the chillaxed beat doesn't help too.
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