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Mirek Kuzniar (xeden_12081968):

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Tue, Aug 21 5:28 AM robwalkerpoet review of Venus And The Moon (reprise) by Mirek Kuzniar
I really like the way you've done these as a suite, Mirek!
Sat, Jun 16 8:02 PM texasradiofish review of Free In Philadelphia by Mirek Kuzniar
Hard to find a good Philly Cheese Steak in these parts.
Sat, Jun 9 2:55 PM robwalkerpoet review of Remains by Mirek Kuzniar
Another hauntingly beautiful composition, Mirek. Thankyou.
Wed, Jun 6 11:11 AM Kara Square review of Free In Philadelphia by Mirek Kuzniar
Intense and dissonant. It feels very fitting with Rob's poem. Cool arrangement!
Sun, Jun 3 2:12 PM robwalkerpoet review of Free In Philadelphia by Mirek Kuzniar
Thanks Mirek. Your music adds power to my words.
Sun, Jun 3 12:27 PM urmymuse review of Sinister Minister by Mirek Kuzniar
Heavy with slight edge equals sinister feel
Sun, Jun 3 12:21 PM urmymuse review of For My Late Friend by Mirek Kuzniar
Funereal vibe very fitting for robs poem
Wed, May 30 7:13 PM robwalkerpoet review of Toppin' Y'Self by Mirek Kuzniar
Makes it sound cinematic. Perhaps film noir.
Wed, May 30 7:10 PM robwalkerpoet review of Phone Index by Mirek Kuzniar
Thanks Mirek. Your compositions / arrangements always add a certain edginess to ...
Sun, Jul 2 6:16 AM robwalkerpoet review of This Had A Brilliant Title Which I've Forgotten by Mirek Kuzniar
I really dig the driving pulse in this one, propelling it forward!
Sun, Jul 2 6:14 AM robwalkerpoet review of 7 Haiku by Mirek Kuzniar
Brilliant music. I think the vocals need to be pushed up a bit. Thanks for remi...
Sun, Jul 2 6:11 AM robwalkerpoet review of Resolution And D-Generation by Mirek Kuzniar
Just listened to this on Soundcloud Mirek. Brilliant!
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