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Tue, Dec 2 6:35 PM spinmeister review of dream of flight by GREGUBIS
lol - sounds nice, but agreed with Martijn, I think the mixdown seems to be at a...
Tue, Dec 2 5:59 PM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of dream of flight by GREGUBIS
I can hardly hear it, for me the volume is very low. Still it sounds very nice
Fri, Feb 21 10:22 PM texasradiofish review of Aimée ? ifé by GREGUBIS
Smooth ambient cinematique groove
Wed, Apr 17 3:07 AM Javolenus review of pipoIe by GREGUBIS
Hey thanks for this -- that's a cool beat!
Wed, Apr 17 3:06 AM Javolenus review of Javolenus feat gregubis by GREGUBIS
Hey man, many thanks for the remix!
Thu, Mar 28 11:27 PM Robbero review of KatazTrophee_-_Gather_Round feat gregubis by GREGUBIS
Nice melody!
Tue, Oct 9 12:09 AM Snowflake review of PAY ATTENTION by GREGUBIS
hit potential here! excellent production around this top-shelf pell from Forensi...
Mon, Oct 8 11:20 AM Numeron review of PAY ATTENTION by GREGUBIS
Some nice bass work goin' on!
Wed, May 9 3:27 PM Admiral Bob review of thanos by GREGUBIS
I saw Avengers too. :)
Wed, May 9 3:26 PM Admiral Bob review of steam by GREGUBIS
Lots of cool sounds in this one... a real soundscape to draw on. Lots of possibi...
Fri, Dec 30 2:03 PM magmavander review of experience by GREGUBIS
Impressive atmosphere. Sober backtrack but full of subtle details. Liked the fx ...
Thu, Dec 29 3:24 PM panu review of War_in_Iraq by GREGUBIS
remix or NPR doc? only TRF knows.
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