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Push play and invite SackJo22 to lead your breath to a space where you notice. Utilizing Bangcorrupt’s remix of Mana Junkie, SackJo22 adds spoken word, ethereal backing vocals and hypnotizing crystal singing bowl to create a chill, meditative ambient track for healing.
Kara Square


by: 7OOP3D
700P3D sets the course straight back to the mothership With the Admiral at the helm.

Ghosts In Your Mind

This just keeps getting better, getting deeper and more tripped out every time I listen to it. A remix master remixing a remix master here, taking us out past the horizon.

Notice Me

2500 years ago, Calypso sang this song to Odysseus to keep him on Ogypia, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. Magical and enchanting, you’ll be drawn in too. Every part and piece of this song is like something that has always existed, and only needed to be found.
Admiral Bob

Leave it at the Table

Siobhan Dakay takes this track to a whole new level. It’s a funktastic journey of sound that for damn sure. A fantastic mix and one that will keep playing over and over again.
Mana Junkie

Run out of Time

Alternative electro rock track that contemplates the inevitability of our fate as humans. Scomber’s sentimental, powerful vocals are combined with Whitewolf’s brilliantly produced backing track.
Kara Square


This EDM jungle mix brings the HEAT. Push play and immediately get a burst of energy. Boom!
Kara Square

One Love

Feel the love in this mellow downtempo reggae track. Carosone’s chill remix of Spinningmerka’s warm, soothing vocals just oozes one love.
Kara Square


Poignant pop rock with thought-provoking lyrics and a stellar arrangement. Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of ccMixter newcomer A.G.A Charlie’s powerful vocals is an emotionally captivating collaboration.
Kara Square
Play Human

Seven Minute Love

Seven Minute Love is a tour de force of sound. Septahelix takes us on a journey through “love” with this intense mix. Buckle up folks and enjoy the ride!
Mana Junkie

Must Be Love

Soulful jazz on the romantic tip. With the oh so ever smooth care of Whitewolf’s backing track, Admiral Bob shines in this elegant remix. Medicinal jazz — this will heal your groove.

One Love

Wherever you are on the planet, this song will make you feel like your under a palm tree on the beach, made in the shade on a hot summer day…humming along…L.O.V.E…spells love.
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