Editors' Picks

The Day We Went To Tesco's

A Beautiful relaxing track, with great production. A killer sax and a beautiful sample from Old Dog. Radioontheshelf shines on this. Well done Sir.

Against The Shadow

Against The Shadow is remixing at it’s best. Seamless supportive voicing and arrangement makes the vocal track naturally compelling. It’s a pell and production match that pulls the heartstrings.

Just Got You.

Cathartically discharge your isolation discouragement by grooving to this brilliant remix by Loveshadow. “Just Got You” features cynical vocals from Mwic and beats from Kraftamt. Chase a sinister mood away with a good dose of dark humor wrapped in amazing music.

Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals

by: J.Lang
People who like it soft will love this track. The J.Lang mix of “Ordinary People” with Scomber on vocals is a modern ballad with just the right touch of emotion.
Stefan Kartenberg

Stayin' at Home (feat. Duckett)

Kara Square is a songwriter who gets to the point.
Her creative lyric on the backing track of Duckett makes us smile in this strange time.
Thanks for this, Kara.
Stefan Kartenberg

Je suis un Phoenix

Je suis un Phoenix comes as if they are the recordings from Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the machine. Morphing two tracks from Stefan Kartenberg into one consistent journey. Yes - Tu es un phénix
Siobhan Dakay

Sitting in the empty house

Jazzy trip-hop that tiptoes into the mysterious future… Siobhan Dakay’s utilized a plethora of samples from Apoxode’s extensive library and created a mystifying arrangement with all of the intrigue of a classic old-school detective movie soundtrack. Rob Walker’s poetry tells the story and Siobhan even included a second mix featuring Ciggiburns’ vocals.
Kara Square


Grab your books, find your place of solace, sit still and be quiet, close your eyes and meditate, listen and just be with this masterpiece from Airtone featuring vocals from SackJo22.

Modern Love

by: Jeris
The ccMixter Dinosaur Jeris mixes Shimoda as fresh as one can mix something. Adding Fronz Arp’s vocals and ready is an alternative track somewhere between Death Cap For Cuties and The Mountain Goats. I love it.
Siobhan Dakay

Deranged Connection

by: 7OOP3D
Dig the fun and love from Hamburg! 700PD layers, chops, re-tunes, re-positions and fuses Whitewolf’s samples into foot tapping, head bobbing electro-rock-pop adventure. Dig it deep!

The Invisible Enemy (feat. bangcorrupt)

Electronic dubstep with a hypnotic drive. Kraftamt’s remix of bangcorrupt is captivating, cool, and expertly produced.
Kara Square

Coming Home

Journey with Snowflake and Analog By Nature as they ride a waterfall of music and love transcending the times and the hurt.

In Moving Light

Light jazz for heavy times. Rounding out Javolenus’ “Ambience of Uncertainty,” Martijn de Boer provides bass, cello, and flute to this soothing and fulfilling instrumental. Ease your anxiety and enjoy the sweet sounds.

Don't Be Afraid

Music for your soul. Loveshadow’s downtempo electronic mix gently supports Calling Sister Midnight’s enchanting, soothing voice. The result is a comforting moment that eludes all fear.
Kara Square


Electro-folk anthem for the times. Stefan Kartenberg provides a charged performance for Kara Square’s heroic call for unity in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Both uplifting and entertaining, this is a remix for the moment.